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How to polish and maintain a marble floor on your own?

It’s time to take care of your long-lasting, durable, and beautiful floors. We generally do not give a second thought about our floors when we think about renovating the house or painting the walls, but the clean and polished floors can add enormous beauty to the entire renovation done in the house.

Floor polishing might seem like a difficult task to do, but we have some easy tips that would make your floors worth a second look, every time, and could be easily done at home with simple ingredients.

Clean the stains - A little soda, coffee, or Schezwan sauce can hurt nobody, right? You cannot be more wrong. These small pourings create a lasting stain on your floor, be it of marble, granite, or wood. It can be easily wiped off if you use a wet cloth or tissue paper over the stain as soon as it is poured. Therefore clean the stains as soon as they appear for having a beautiful floor.

If you cannot get rid of the stains with the little wet cloth then you can use some soap and a little pressure to get rid of the stain.

Polish the floor - before deciding upon the ingredients or chemicals that one can use to polish their floors understand what type of floor is it. It could be of marble, granite, or wood. We have different categories in them as well. So before cleaning make sure you have understood the type of floor that you have and then decide what is needed to make it shiny.

  • If it is a floor made of marbles it could be of two types.

Ø Natural marble - after cleaning the stains on the floor through dampening clothes or floor cleaning chemicals and letting it dry off we can apply polish. For Eco Polishing of Marbles, mix baking soda (45gm) and water (0.9L). Apply this mixture on your floor with the help of a cloth and then let it dry for around 5 hours. After this, you can use warm water and rinse the floor in circular motions with the same.

Ø Cultured marble - after cleaning the stains on the floor through little wet clothes or floor cleaning chemicals and letting it dry off we can apply polish. For protective sealant use Lapicur or a similar product every one to two years. This will give your marble floors a lucrative shine.

  • If it is a floor made of wood for giving it a natural shine make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water. Apply this mixture on your wooden flooring using a cloth or a mop in circular motions. Before doing this make sure that you have vacuumed the floor properly or removed all the unwanted and extra dust with a cloth.

  • If it is a floor made of Granite for giving it a natural shine make a mix 1/4th cup of baking soda with 3 cups of water. Before applying the same make sure you have vacuumed the floor and all the stains are removed from the floor. Apply it using a mop or your hand and in a circular motion and then let it dry for the time being. You can apply sealant once a year to get the gloss and shine of your granite back.

Use dust control mat doors to make sure that unwanted dirt from outside does not reach your flooring.

Do not use steel scrubbers to remove the stain or for normally cleaning the floors.

Try to move the furniture with time so that all of your floors get the weight of the same and it is not just one particular part damaged.

Be extra cautious while moving things or furniture from one place to another to avoid unwanted scratches on your beloved floor.

Do not use acids or vinegar or harmful chemicals to clean your marbles, granite, or wood flooring. Applying this will only give a bland look to the floor and make it highly unattractive.

Use cleaners that are recommended for the particular type of flooring that you have in your house.

Dry mop your floors daily and use a water mop to rinse the floor at least once a week. This mopping work might seem like trouble, but it is worth the effort, and it will also ensure safety and hygiene in the house.

Using carpets might seem like an insult to the beautiful flooring that you have, but if you have tried everything and somehow you hurt your floors unintentionally, or your kids are too small to understand the importance of flooring, then carpeting your floor is the right option for the time being.

One can always do all of the things mentioned above and feel like it is not worth it or the floors are not as shiny and clean as they should be, then hesitate no more and call the experts. Calling experts is the smart move that one should take. With SprayMySpace, we can not only polish the different types of the floor but also give your floors a different look. Rough honed, Chiselled, Antiqued, Polished, Fine honed, Bush hammered, Sand Blasted are just some of the marble polishing techniques on our fingertips. We can even polish other types of floor and give your house the makeover that it has been craving for a long time.

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