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How to polish and maintain a marble floor on your own?

It’s time to take care of your long-lasting, durable, and beautiful floors. We generally do not give a second thought about our floors when we think about renovating the house or painting the walls, but the clean and polished floors can add enormous beauty to the entire renovation done in the house.

Floor polishing might seem like a difficult task to do, but we have some easy tips that would make your floors worth a second look, every time, and could be easily done at home with simple ingredients.

Clean the stains - A little soda, coffee, or Schezwan sauce can hurt nobody, right? You cannot be more wrong. These small pourings create a lasting stain on your floor, be it of marble, granite, or wood. It can be easily wiped off if you use a wet cloth or tissue paper over the stain as soon as it is poured. Therefore clean the stains as soon as they appear for having a beautiful floor.