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SprayMySpace Marble Polishing

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Marble & Floor Diamond Polishing

With Leading Brand in Kolkata

SprayMySpace provides a best-in-class Marble & Floor Polishing Service. Our service shall restore the shine & lustre of your marble giving it a glossy look. Marble Polishing is an important service for corporate offices, Villas, Apartments, Farmhouses, Multi-national companies, Restaurant, and houses. SprayMySpace has highly equipped machines and instruments with the latest techniques and trained professional expert staff to do the marble polishing services in Kolkata.

Professional Equipments, Abrasives & Chemicals Used

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Single Disc Machine


Diamond Polishing Grits & Pads


Marble Crystallizers


Sealers / Fillers / Hardners

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Other Professional


*Depending upon scope of service.

Type of Floor we Polish

Marble            Tiles            Mosaic            Granite

FLOOR SCRUBBING  - Floor Scrubbing is the process of cleaning Stone floors like Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Mosaic Tiles, Wooden Floor, etc In this process floor surface is cleaned using brushes and is used in maintenance activity of various floor surfaces.

FLOOR GRINDING -  Floor grinding is done to remove a thin layer of the stone floor using different types of stones, pads & grits on a Single Disc Machine. This process is done to remove scratches & tough stains from the floor & provide its shine & gloss. 

FLOOR HONING -  Honing is achieved by mechanically resurfacing your marble using diamond abrasives and water to obtain a uniformly honed surface sheen, creating a look that is low key and not too overwhelming as some people find with highly polished, glossy floors. Honing your surfaces can resolve issues with stains, chips, water spots, glass rings, cracks, etching and dull spots.

FLOOR POLISHING - Polishing a Marble, Tile, Granite, Mosiac involved uses Diamond Polishing Pads on a single disc machine which helps in attainment of Mirror shine to the marble. A Marble Crystallization process is also carried out using special chemicals /  heat activates during the process.

FLOOR BUFFINGThis process enhances the gloss and the shining of the Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Mosaic Tiles, Wooden Floor, etc. Special buffing pads are used that enhances the original finish or polish of the stone. It can also be used on Wooden floor giving instant results without affecting the delicate texture & finish of the wood.

* Process carried out depends on different condition of the Marble / Grantite / Tile / Mosaic

Processes Carried Out





(Diamond Polish Premium)

RS 45        RS 25*


RS 35        RS 15*


RS 35        RS 25*


On Quote

* Minimum Bill - Rs 10,000

* Diamond Polish Premium is a 11-Stage Process which gives Mirror Shine to your floor.

*The above rates are for Re-Polishing work, for new marble installations rates will be on quote basis depending upon scope of work.

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Marble Pricing

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In-House Team

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