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SARS – Cov-2 or Omicron

"The Variant of Concern" declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) is said so because it spreads fast. Omicron is a variant of the novel Coronavirus. When the entire world was getting vaccinated, and things were becoming better we got another punch. It is upon this time as well, to decide if it is going to be a knock-out punch or just a mild blow. Before understanding how to be safe and what cautions to take to protect ourselves and our family members from the variant of COVID 19, let us understand what are the symptoms one will generally face if they come in contact with the Omicron virus: • Coughing or sore throat or irritation in the throat. • Sneezing. • Fatigue and headaches. • Fever. • Difficulty in breathing or low oxygen levels. If you are suffering from any of the above-said symptoms, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor and not just leave it to the after-effects of weather change. It might not be something, but prevention is always better than cure. The omicron virus may not reach out to the lungs or become that severe, but it will spread fast and that is a matter of concern here. Instead of being extremely worried or careless let's take a middle path together. Here are some of the pointers that SprayMySpace will urge all the readers to adhere to. The safety of your family and you is our main concern, and every pointer is something advisable by the doctors and specialists and not just some myths that we came across on different sites. These pointers are easy to follow and can be done by you while sitting at home. Follow the safety protocols mentioned below to protect oneself from the omicron virus: • Avoid going into places that are crowded or busted with people. • Do not sit close even to your family members or loved ones. The omicron virus already tends to spread fast. Maintain social distancing. • Wear masks that are clean and well fitted. • Try to stay in places with proper ventilation facilities, so that you do not run out of breath or feel suffocated. • Wash your hands at regular intervals and frequently. • Drink lukewarm water and other power teas to provide strength to your throat and immune system. • Eat healthy homemade meals and do regular exercise to build your immune system and for staying fit. • Visit a doctor as soon as you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, the best prevention from the Omicron virus is its detection at the early stage. • Follow all the lockdown norms and avoid going out as much as it is possible. • Regularly disinfect your entire house part by part to avoid germs. This will also help in better prevention from contracting the virus. • Avoid touching your face with your hands even if they are clean. • Do not see the lockdown as an opportunity to burden yourself with work, take proper rest to ensure that your body has the stamina to fight the virus and illness. • Get yourself and your family members fully vaccinated. • Take extra care of vulnerable people in the house i.e. the old people and small children. It is needless to say that you should not avoid taking care of yourself. • Make sure your house help or other people that you come in contact with on regular basis are also vaccinated. There are other scientifically proven and logical steps that you can take in addition to the steps mentioned above, to protect oneself from omicron, the variant of novel coronavirus. Do not fall trap of myths and other suspicions. We can fight the virus together if we have faith, we are following the safety protocols and we are consistent with our efforts. Always remember this is the new normal, there is no running away. Follow SprayMySpace for more such articles and you can even contact us for sanitization and deep cleaning services. In this era of COVID 19, we always have to ensure that we living in a clean and sanitized environment and there is no harm in asking for help. We are professional service providers, and we have a team dedicated to their work following all the safety protocols before working at the site, during their work, and after site work.

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