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Deep cleaning services

Updated: Jan 29

What is deep cleaning? What are the benefits of a deep cleaning service? Is a deep cleaning service worth the cost?

We understand that there are myriad questions running through your mind right now and we are here to provide answers for each one of them.

Deep cleaning is nothing new for Indian households it has been inbuilt in us in the form of Diwali ki safai. I know how much we hate going through that process but at the same time, we appreciate the cleanliness and the righteous atmosphere it brings into the house. Regular house cleaning is making sure that all the belongings are in the right place, the visible part of the floors has been mopped, wiping the kitchen slabs or the bathroom tiles, taking out the trash, general dusting of furniture, mirrors, and showpieces, cleaning of commode and others. Well, I know this might seem like a wholesome package and anything beyond it is unfathomable.

A deep cleaning job is beyond this regular cleaning or cleaning of the visible spaces. It is about getting rid of all the accommodated dust and dirt below your furniture, sofa set, soap scrum of the basin, kitchen and bathroom floors, rearranging and cleaning the shelf spaces, grime, and other tedious and gunk work at home.