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It's time to get your office a spa treatment. Office Deep Cleaning in Kolkata by SprayMySpace assures a germ, allergens and dust free office keep your office hygienic & safe. This is an intensive cleaning process using modern equipments & specific chemicals for each kind of surface which not only cleans it, but restores the shine and life of your office. Deep Cleaning is an extremely important for each and every office and should be opted on regular intervals.

We at SprayMySpace depute an In-House trained & experienced team at your office to carry out the Office Deep Cleaning upto the satisfaction of our customers.

SprayMySpace also provides specific bathroom, Cabins, Sofa or carpets cleaning service. Give a premium service to your office at affordable pricing.


Office Deep Cleaning Kolkata 

Service Advantage


In-House Team


Mechanized Process

Processes involve using machines so give a standard result each time & every time.


High-End Equipments


Cleaning Chemicals

We use Diversey (US) Worlds leading brand for cleaning & hygiene chemicals


Client Eccentric approach

Procedures designed to meet client specific needs.


24x7 Phone Support

Phone priority

support to avoid hassles.

In-House Professional Team (No Outsourcing)

Best-in-Class Equipments of Karcher (Germany) &

IPC (Italy) Used


Professional Equipments Used*

1. Steam Cleaning Machine

               - for Pantry & Bathrooms

2. Single Disc Srubbing Machine

               - for Scrubbing / Buffing of Floors

3. Spray Extraction Machine

               -for Sofa, Carpets, Chairs

4. Dry Vacuum Machine

5. Wet Vacuum Machine

6. Other Professional Tools & Equipments



*Depending upon scope of service.


     Deep Service Covers

  • Floor Scrubbing

  • Wall & Ceiling Dusting

  • Wet Cleaning of Sofa & Chairs

  • Cobweb Removal

  • Glasses & Doors Cleaning

  • Electrical Appliances Dusting & Wiping

  • Furniture & Fixture Dusting & Cleaning

  • Washroom Tiles & Floor Scrubbing

  • Washroom Sink & WC Cleaning

  • Washroom Taps & Fixtures Cleaning

  • Pantry Tiles, Slabs, Shelves Cleaning


International Brand Chemicals Used

​Diversey (US) Brand specific and separate chemicals for each kind of surface like floor, glass, wood, steel, toilets, bathroom fittings, furniture polish enhancers, etc.




(Please call us to get a customized quote)

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