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Pest Control in Kolkata

SprayMySpace provides specialized proactive pest management & integrated pest management services in the residential, commercial, hospitality, institutional & healthcare sectors throughout Kolkata.

As a modern company, SprayMySpace Pest’s strategy utilizes skilled hiring standards, world-class training, and applied Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that are environmentally responsible.

SprayMySpace can quickly and confidently implement the latest technological advancements and green initiatives in the pest control industry. All of our pest management programs are developed and overseen by our qualified staff to ensure we remain abreast of the latest Integrated Pest Management practices and that our services comply with all current regulations.

We offer a variety of eco-friendly pest control services in Kolkata for residential and commercial properties as well as industries in Kolkata. Our clients receive guaranteed results due to our professional quality assurance policy that forms a solid ground for our high level of efficiency. 

Call us on +91-7439571885 or contact us to book your service.

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Pest Control near you

Our Pest Control services in Kolkata are available across the city including Howrah, North (24) Parganas, South (24) Parganas, Rajarhat.

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Pest Control Services

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treatments in Kolkata

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Types of Pests we treat


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Our Pest Control Protocol



Contact Us by Phone or  by filling Call Back Form & our team shall connect on priority.


Site Inspection

Our team shall understand your pest problems & arrange for a site inspection & provide recommendations & quote for required treatments.



Our Technicians shall conduct the treatments using International Standards approved chemicals & advance scientific methods.


After Service

Our sincere customer service team shall be in touch to provide follow services & resolve your complaints.

Residential Pest Control in Kolkata

With the most advanced procedures, qualified team & use of best international brand chemicals, SprayMySpace is the Kolkata’s no.1 pest control service. Our pest control solutions are swift, effective and safe for children and the elderly. Our highly-trained pest control technicians are experts who are well-versed in pest behaviours and treat your pest problem at root level, giving you complete peace of mind.


The humid weather in Kolkata can be a happy breeding ground for many unsightly and disease- causing pests. Post-monsoon and during winter, mosquitoes thrive in the city causing dengue and malaria outbreaks. Bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents are seen to breed and multiply if let unrestricted.

Commercial Pest Control in Kolkata

At SprayMySpace, our pest control plans are custom-designed to treat pest problems quickly without inconveniencing your normal operations, while also shielding your commercial establishment against further infestations.

Our fumigation service as well as our Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) approaches safeguard the multitudes of IT offices in Kolkata from deadly mosquito bites. Our Rodent service ensures that the risk of downtime due to property damage caused by rodents is minimized.

Frequently asked questions about pest control

How much does pest control cost in Kolkata?

There is a range of factors that contribute to the price of pest control. Our pest control experts need to fully understand the exact pest species and extent of your infestation in order for them to recommend and quote for the appropriate treatment to get rid of pests from your home or business. This makes it difficult for us to provide you with an accurate price for our pest treatments online.


The list of factors which contribute to the overall cost of treating a pest infestation include:

  • Type of pest

  • Size of infestation

  • Type of pest control treatment

  • Size and type of property

  • Number of treatments

How often should I check my home for termites?

Termites can cause significant damage in only three years therefore we recommend that you should have an inspection every 2–3 years. However if you already notice some signs of termite activity in your home, such as damaged timber, mud tubes or flying termites, then you should have a professional inspection immediately.


Termite activity could have been going on for years before signs become visible. So it is important to identify the species of termite and get an assessment of the extent of the infestation and damage already caused.

What kind of contamination can pests cause?

Many pests, such as flies, rodents, cockroaches and birds carry bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that can cause illness. Rats and mice can contaminate water and food through faeces and urine. Rodents can transmit diseases such as leptospirosis and hantavirus.


Additionally, rodent dander and cockroaches produce allergens that get into the air and can cause asthma to the occupants of an infested building.

How to prevent pest infestations?

​The best way to prevent a pest infestation is to make your home as unappealing to pests as you can. Pests need food, shelter and moisture, so preventing them getting these in your property is a good first step.


Maintaining your property so that there are no routes of access is also important. Check out our pest pages for advice on detecting and preventing pests, such as rats, termites and ants.


However, knowing what pests might find attractive about your property and where the weak points are can be a challenge. This may need professional help. 

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