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Just the thought of rodents entering our homes in itself is scary. They are around varying in size, these pests have continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws. Also known as the Norway Rat, these pests are a physical threat to family members as well.

SprayMySpace rodent control is extremely necessary, whether rodents are within your homes or even in the surroundings. If within, it becomes even more crucial to get rodent pest control done. This is because they affect all aspects such as health, furniture, food, hygiene, etc.

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Our Comprehensive Service for

Rodent Control includes


Inspection & Identification

of rodent hideouts / entry points


Use of scientific approach and installation of Rodent Traps


Use of Sticky traps for big rodent


Use of Glue Boards in combination with other methods for holistic solution.

Terms & Conditions

No of Visits  : As per customer / site requirement.


Interval : Will be decided upon inspection & level of infestation


Technician : 1 for each visit.


Treatment will minimize the rodent infestation in controlled condition

Efficacy will last long when precautions are strictly followed


Experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of rodents.

Learning the pattern of the rodent signs and discovering the hideout places.

A Combination of experience, science & high quality rat traps / glue boards / etc are used to minimize rodent.

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After Service

Our service will safeguard your homes from rodent & vermins. It takes up to a week for the rodent to get trapped in the Sticky Trap.

Under contract, our technician shall attend the clients complaint free of cost.

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