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Get complete disinfection & sanitization services in Kolkata, done using industry leading EPA & FDA Approved Chemicals which are 100% safe for indoor use. Disinfection & Sanitization kills not only viruses but against broad specturm of disease causing micro-organisms. We cater all residential & commercial spaces.

SprayMySpace provide disinfection services for home sanitization, office sanitization, residential common spaces disinfection, and also on other commercial spaces such as shops, schools, restaurants, clinics, sports centers or any other place. Different disinfection processes are used based on the need and the space that requires to be disinfected. 

Using an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant & ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Cold Fogging Machine of international brands the process of Disinfection is carried our which no other process give results than comprehensive use of above products.


Sanitization & Disinfection Services Kolkata 

Service Advantage

2.  Performed by in-House Professionals

     (No Outsourcing)

3. EPA & FDA Approved Chemicals of

     International Brand

5. No Harmful effects

6. Alcohol & Allergen Free Chemicals

Chemical Used for ULV Fogging

The Chemical used for Sanitization & Disinfection Kills Covid19 Virus + microorganisms including HIV-1, VRE, MRSA, GRSA, MRSE, VISA, PRSP, Herpes Simplex Types 1&2, Influenza Type A2, Adenovirus, Rotavirus and many more

Places we Sanitize & Disinfect in Kolkata

Home Sanitization

Office Sanitization

Bank Sanitization

Residential Appartment Sanitization

Commercial Complex Sanitization

Schools, Universities, College Sanitization

Hotel / Restaurant Sanitization

Clubs / Salon / Spa Sanitization

Other Places.




Charges per sq ft

 Rs 1*  per sq ft

*Minimum Charges Rs 1500 for Kolkata & Howrah.

*Discounts if Total Square feet is more than 3000 sq ft OR if more than one flat in one site is done.

1. Deep Sanitization using Advanced ULV     

    Cold Fogging Machines (Made in Italy)

4.  Chemical Approved by US EPA for killing Sars-Cov2  (Covid 19) Viruses (EPA Regn No 70627-24)

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